Our Story

My husband, Josh, and I completed our first round of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in 2013, after several years and many failed treatments. We were fortunate that it was successful and our twin boys, Jacob and Eli, were born February 1, 2014. We had one remaining embryo that was frozen until we were ready to try again. On November 10, 2017 we welcomed our daughter, Mollie Grace, and suddenly our family was complete.

While our infertility story has a happy ending, infertility and treatment was the most difficult thing we’ve faced. It was emotionally, physically, financially, mentally and spiritually draining. While our journey to parenthood is over, we feel it is our duty to help other couples suffering from infertility.

We knew from our first IVF cycle that we someday wanted to create this foundation.

Not having a child was not an option for us. We knew one way or another that we would be parents, whether we went all the way through IVF or moved onto adoption. Unfortunately, so many are not able to see their dreams of being a parent come true simply because they do not have the financial means. Paying out of pocket for infertility treatment can be financially devastating, and that is what we hope to help someone avoid.


You can help

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